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ADEO Living

For ADEO it was important to create a brand for hotel apartment business in Dubai that would establish a memorable 'brand experience' which is considered 'complete' by the primary target audience who are 40+ from GCC, and meant to interact with the brand directly. The brand architecture and communication strategy aimed at having ADEO recognized as a unique icon of Dubai’s hospitality through its branding, decor and the lifestyle experience that it offers.


The idea of ADEO is based on the modern Swedish “Lagom” lifestyle. This concept is about moderation, about living a frugal life with just enough possessions and translates roughly to sufficient, adequate and just right. The deeper meaning is to live a functional, sustainable, healthy life in balance. This fundament of “Lagom” influenced the whole design process. All visual elements focused on the concept to transport the meaning and more important the feeling and spirit of “Lagom”.This led to the naming of ADEO, which translates to: to the point and therefore represents in combination with the circle as main design element the just right amount to achieve balance and perfection in living and places ADEO as a brand that provides exactly this living experience. Work has been produced under the license of © 2017 Elephant Digital Advertising LLC

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