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Big Tree Society

This Secondary Logo for UNESCO Doha was created voluntary to produce a well crafted and conceptualized logo that would reflect eco-schools in the Middle East region. To create an understanding especially in children minds, what it means to be part of a school that tries to focus not only in academic achievements, also environmental values, from the very early age to make them leaders with diverse values becomes a task itself that can be achieved. To achieve a strong brand that allows for children and adults to create their own green community is the first approach that UNESCO wants for Qatar. A brand cant just exist by its name or mark it has to become an experience and a value that creates eco- societies /communities, allowing children to understand that they are part of a large community locally and internationally.

I had the idea to use the countries shape to execute the design within it, that would allow the logo to have a strong foundation since the land mass of Doha looked similar to a tree.

Logo Iterations | Initial Sketches and Final Logo Creation

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