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Cinnabon Delivery Campaign Middle East


Cinnabon is now one of the world's most recognized and sought-after brands. It is an American chain of baked goods stores and Kiosks, normally found in areas with high pedestrian traffic such as malls. The company's signature item is a cinnamon roll. 


- Our objective for this Ramadan campaign is to promote the Cinnabon bites platter focusing specifically on the delivery service

- Ramadan is about fasting until sunset prayer when a large feast, known as "Iftar", is shared with family and friends.

- Iftar is a social event as much as it is a gastronomical adventure.

- The Cinnabon delivery service provides customers with easy accessibility, convenience, and the ability to indulge anytime, anywhere.

- For many families, traditional sweets and other small gifts are an important factor when it comes to completing their meal.

- During Ramadan families & friends visit each other to share a feast together. New and old relatives visit and sometimes close friends are invited
  to come along. It is a tiring process to plan every day’s Iftar menu especially with trying to have a dessert ready and available that would fit everyone’s taste.


It was an important aspect for us to create a campaign direction that would reflect the Ramadan spirit and focusing on the delivery aspect that's a click away. We wanted the campaign to spread a memorable message that is shown through the headling and visual. It was essential to create a campaign that would spread across all aspects of delivery. The ideas were to create a series of artworks that would cater to Iftar, Sohour, Game time, TV time and Eid. I directed the photoshoot of the key visual and subcategories organizing the overall props that was needed to get this artwork together. Also, I created the Print & digital tool kit with all its artworks to be sent to all vendors in the Gulf Region to use. The team supported the execution of the animated digital social posts and digital banner. 

Work has been produced under the license of © 2017 Elephant Digital Advertising LLC

Cinnabon Logo.png


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