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The concept behind COLABA restaurant is inspired by the nostalgic old times of Bombay street cafes, a place where all classes of society are welcome. For the branding, we had to bring across visually and conceptually the modern interpretation of the classics of the cafes. The restaurant concept had to be adapted towards the modern spirit of Dubai, allowing the interior of the restaurant to reflect the nostalgic look and feel. The branding had gone through many variations of designs until it reached its final outcome being very modern and black and white so that the brand can be adaptable to the interior. 



The owner wants to portrait the restaurant so that it can compete with other modern restaurants, at the same time it was important to attract the local audience of the UAE, adapting the messaging towards the UAE audience. The brand-mark is designed to reflect a modern typographic style that has been custom designed, allowing for it to be playful and contemporary.

Work has been produced under the license of © 2017 Elephant Digital Advertising LLC

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