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Vestolit Brochures

After designing the extended guidelines for the Vestolit corporate brand, I implemented them into another

new project that had the task of creating a brochure for an environmental statement. The Extended Trademark Guidelines

enabled white space and large images to be used. At the same time, I took the opportunity to share their graphs and charts with their

adapted to the new guidelines. This was the first brochure designed in the new appearance of the CI.

After the environmental statement brochure, the product brochures had to be adapted to the new design style and the new

Customize trademark policy. However, the challenge was to adapt the existing images to the new design style. All graphics had to be redesigned and adapted to the new colors. The images had to be edited and colored to match the new corporate design.


Art Direktion / Konzept Designs / Layout Design / Information Design / Infographics

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