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CREO Fashion 

CREO is a community of enthusiasts who are inspired by you. Your ideas. Your favorite superheroes. Your doodles. Even your pet dog. On an average daily, CREO takes a hundred of your favorite things and turns it into art. Wearable art. Usable art. Basically tangible art with the click of a few buttons. For a live event, I created the overall design language that was implemented across all media channels. CREO is a modern T-shirt and accessories company that wants to stand out from other customized T-shirt companies in the Middle East and internationally.



It is inspired by the people for the people, young and creative is how the brand comes across. I designed the website and mobile app for It was important to keep it young inspired and hip allowing for the actual T-shirt designs to speak for themselves.

Work has been produced under the license of © 2017 Elephant Digital Advertising LLC


MARKETING MATERIALS: Busienss Cards | Letterhead | Invitation cards | Emailers | Package Designs | Give Away Cards |

Doll box for model | Ipad Stand | Website Design | Mobile App

Branding // Marketing Collateral // Digitial Design

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