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Emirates Transportation - Advertising

ET was established with the purpose of regulating, managing, and supervising the operation of transport and maintenance services for various government, federal, and local entities as well as private sector organizations. ET pursues a top-notch strategy in the transport and auto services sector throughout the UAE. ET provides services to more than 430 main stakeholders through its fleet of over 20,000 vehicles.


I had to come up with a new design concept that incorporates the main services that ET is offering with colors that would represent their services and distinguished them from another. ET can be conceptualized and abstracted to movement the idea of using a dynamic layout that would suit perfectly. A circular design layout was introduced to reinforce this idea of transportation and movement. The client wanted to create an infographic style that allowed for its iconic representation to educate the customers of their services. Each color was carefully selected to reflect the correct service they are offering.


At the same time to make the brand recognized and distinguished from other companies, the ads were implemented in prints and digital advertisements as well as flags. The company used the new design language within their offices and continued using it until today.


Work has been produced under the license of © 2017 Elephant Digital Advertising LLC


MARKETING MATERIALS:  Indoor & Outdoor Service Posters | Campaign Concept |  Flags | Digital Ads

Main Service Posters

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