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Falafel Guys

The brand was designed to create a new style of a falafel restaurant. Falafel is a very famous food in the Middle East that people from around the world love. It is made of chickpeas fried in oil and added to sandwiches that are delicious as a snack or as the main course. The Falafel Guys were invented to be a modern street-oriented design that would attract young people in Saudi Arabia. The owner of Döner Shabab had to idea to bring to life another brand that would be loved internationally once being opened in Saudi Arabia. In regards to the design, it was important for me to create a brand that somehow had this old street look and feel but with a contemporary touch. The fonts were developed to work one another and the mustache was implemented to be their main design element that would be used in their visual language.

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BRANDING: Brand Mark | Bilingual Design

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