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Fogo De Chao - Advertising

A specific marketing campaign was created for Fogo that started to open its doors in the Middle East. Starting in Saudi Arabia and UAE we had to create an advertising campaign that would talk specifically to the market in Saudi Arabia and in the UAE. From Teasers, launch, and post-launch all marketing materials were made simple and to the point. All artworks had to be designed to tell the story of the churrasco experience since the audience did not really know the style of that dining.


Any artwork that came from the U.S or Brazil was adapted to reflect this new design style from the Middle East, so that the brand has its own signature in the region.

Work has been produced under the license of © 2017 Elephant Digital Advertising LLC


MARKETING MATERIALS:  Campaign Posters | Posters | Emailer Invitation | Coin | Ad's | Hoardings |

Advertising Collateral & Outdoor Advertising

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