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Freshlatir is a new brand, specialized in 100% fresh juices and a wide range of premium quality desserts. We are committed to provide our customers with freshness, large selection, and service. We provide quality and you won’t have to sacrifice taste because our products deliver extensive superiority and taste excellence. 


The brand had to be designed to reflect the freshness and natural look and feel of the brand but keeping in mind the sweet section of the brand.

To enable the correct visual language we studied the middle east market to understand what juice companies are out there and how they visualize their brandmark and products.


Another part of the scope was to implement other products such as cakes and cupcakes into the designs that would reflect the sweet section of Freshlatir. 

Work has been produced under the license of © 2017 Elephant Digital Advertising LLC


MARKETING MATERIALS: Business Card | Cake Box | Product Brochure | Juice Labels

Editorial Designs

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