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Henri Poincare Associates

About: Henri Poincare Associates is a firm that believes in value. Our culture is a value-driven behavior focused on bringing the best out of the team, customers, and society. We reflect personal integrity across all our activities and we target to gain trust in everything we do or association of industry leaders and domain experts are focused on delivering professional advisory services to support sustainable growth for emerging business in Energy and manufacturing sectors within the Middle East and North Africa with aim to provide a remarkable customer experience in each
and every interaction. Our experts and 
methodologies have been helping organizations and leaders to develop efficient and effective processes and sustain business growth. The association observes the highest standard of personal integrity and professional approach.


The wordmark has been created to be modern and simple using a modern font that has different font strokes that allowed for a contemporary look and feel. Due to the fact that the business is very sophisticated and based on different partners, the branding was related to their personalities. High contrast was important and monochrome colors of black and white allowed for this contemporary design to come alive. After the branding stage, a brochure and corporate profile were designed by one of my designers on my team. 


Work has been produced under the license of © 2017 Elephant Digital Advertising LLC


BRANDING: Wordmark | Stationary Design

MARKETING MATERIALS: Brochure Design | Corporate Profile | Website

Brand Creation & Implementation

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