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About: OILSERV is an independent oilfield service company founded with the purpose of providing world-class services to clients operating across the Middle East and North Africa. We believe passionately in our core values – to relentlessly drive excellence in quality; to deliver our commitments to our clients; to genuinely collaborate as teams internally and externally, but above all, to only conduct our business ethically and with absolute integrity, not just because it is a must to comply, but first and foremost because it is our deepest value. For the brand to be presentable online I designed a modern website keeping in mind the user experience from the main menu design and functionalities to its service display. The company has many services that they had to present on their website it was important to create a simplified design that would stay fresh and modern for long-time. The website was designed in 2014, even though it went through several facelifts, the foundation was laid by the design I had made. To keep it simple I created for each section a one-page webpage that would be linked to each other minimizing the loading time.


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