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Operation Falafel - Advertising 

About Operation Falafel:

The original ‘Street Food’ experience, Operation: Falafel is a Dubai-born fresh casual chain of restaurants that operate on the concept of ‘Revival & Survival’ of Arabic cuisine. Balancing old-street flavors with Twenty-First Century trends, it is a combination of fresh experiences that promise customers a surprising integration of the past with the present. In a contemporary space, Operation: Falafel creates a mood common to the old street marketplace, organizing its service model into individual food stations that mimic food carts on the street. Fresh ingredients and traditional recipes make Operation: Falafel a trailblazer among Dubai’s Fresh Casual category. Pioneering authentic Arabic cuisine with a history and a story – offering high-consumer appeal and massive marketability for local and global franchise opportunities. We could try to explain the Operation: Falafel experience in so many words, but ‘Indoor Street Market in a Contemporary Look’ feels just about right.


We facelifted the brandmark and its visual language from its foundation, at the same time the brand's tone of voice and vision was developed by Elephant Nation. I was involved from the very beginning of developing their visual language and building their uplifted brand with modern marketing collaterals that would fit their brand philosophy. Illustrations have been sketched from scratch to give the brand this authentic look and feel, a grungy look and feel were implemented throughout the design materials. The brand was our existing client for 3 years that I was a big part of by helping to visualize their designs to fulfill their vision.

Work has been produced under the license of © 2017 Elephant Digital Advertising LLC


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Brand Facelift and Marketing Collaterals

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