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I propose to give the identity a unique but corporate design style that incorporates today’s trends when it comes to branding. Being a family business, the word mark can help to create a unique icon that can represent the holding without its associated typography.
However, many family holdings are in favor of word-marks since these are identities that rely strongly on form and style of typography chosen. This help the brand to be directly recognized since it is an abbreviation of the full name. 

The concept was based on simplicity and minimalism, creating a brand that stands for investment opportunities, Raff Capital was designed based on the families initials. Their Holding company had to reflect the strength of the 20th century when it came to its design, I worked on it by myself to create such an image.


Work has been produced under the license of © 2019 Elephant Digital Advertising LLC

Raff Capital Logo-05.jpg


BRANDING: Identity Design | stationery Design

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