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Mohammed Bin Rashid Tolerance Award

I got the opportunity to design an identity that would represent an award that stands for tolerance. The brief was to create a logo mark that would translate the idea of tolerance across different culture. The Year of Tolerance Logo that has been approved by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has a deeper meaning behind it which is explained best by reading his own words:

“Tolerance is a universal value, and Ghaf is our authentic national tree, a source of life and symbol of stability in the middle of the desert, under its shadows our ancestors gathered to consult on matters related to their daily lives. In the ‘Year of Tolerance’, we chose the Ghaf as a logo for all of us to live by the principles of tolerance, coexistence, and diversity.”

The award logo has to echo a bigger purpose message, communicated at a human level to promote the values of tolerance among people from different faiths, nationalities, and backgrounds who all share this one planet. 


Work has been produced under the license of © 2019 Elephant Digital Advertising LLC

Tolerance Logo RGB_Color_On_White.jpg


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