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Zaya Hameni - Advertising

Zaya is a joint venture between Ashjar, a company belonging to Nadia Zaal, and Tasameem Real Estate. Nadia Zaal was previously the driving force behind the US$ 2 billion Dubai-based Al Barari project. Zaya Approached us to help them with a new mega-development project called Hameni they are newly launching.


Hameni is a wordplay on the word harmony – was the essence of the project. A synergy of spaces, textures and nature. A concept of balance between the outside world and the inside. What we needed to do was to create synergy between the brand and branding. We needed to borrow Zaya’s organic and open feel, and incorporate it into our design for Hameni.  They needed a creative visualization to correctly advertise the project in the market by helping them incorporating the harmony of Hameni project. 


They needed several collaterals that you would use in marketing the project so we translated their main story into our visualization keeping Zaya branding intact. It was important to create a design strategy that would work across all media channels, allowing the developing project to come alive. 

Work has been produced under the license of © 2017 Elephant Digital Advertising LLC


MARKETING MATERIALS:  Lifestyle Profile Book | Illustrations | Map Designs | Project Video | Landing page design

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