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Zaya is a renowned developer in Dubai the project was called Harmeni a newly developed residential building in JVC. When the company approached us the needed several collaterals that they would use to advertise this project. The projects main story had to be translated into our visualization keeping Zaya branding intact. It was important to create a design strategy that would work across all media channels, allowing the project to come alive. The Profile book was carefully designed to be elegant, clean and very impactful using full-page images to portrait their project the best possible way. The design was based on minimalism, keeping white space to its maximum and allowing the pictures to tell the story, this would allow the profile to be multifunctional when it comes to sales purposes. 

Work has been produced under the license of © 2017 Elephant Digital Advertising LLC



MARKETING MATERIALS: Corporate Profile Book


Corporate Profile 

Zaya Hameni - Editorial

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