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Design Approach
My Wunder

My Name Is Patrick Neuschäfer, an interdisciplinary designer from Germany. I am an Interdisciplinary designer,  bold, Lateral thinker, eclectic when it comes to combining my international experience with local markets. A true generalist who can present a strong versatile design portfolio within most disciplines. With my versatile design style and experience with international clients, I bring refreshing world-class design ideas to life. Design is all about aesthetics, forms, tastes, smells a sensory experience that I keep exploring hence my commitment to understand the clients' motives and objectives through each project. Design is subjective, that is why I focus on clients' personalities, profiles, and business mission. Design is not just a visual projection of our creativity onto a screen or paper, it is an experience, an idea, a vision that we shape, a feeling that we try to express. For me, successful designs are small wonders that we designers create. “If you can dream it, YOU can do it”. Hence the creation of "My Wunder Atelier".


I am simply committed to creating wunders (German for wonders) and making miracles happen. My ideology is to bring modern graphic design to reality with a personal touch. I strive to reflect my clients' core values, missions, and strength through branding, marketing strategies, advertising, and visual communication. I am an expert in enhancing the branding of small and large businesses based on long experience and expertise in conceptual design. This is where lies the extra touch, the Wunder Touch, my design signature. 

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