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The below editorial designs had been designed in 4 different languages to reach maximum exposure. Below is the English version, the layout and design style has a lot of white space allowing for the design to breathe. Large images were used to give the consumer the best visual representation of Al Marjans Islands. Their company profile was meant to be used for sales purposes, keeping it very modern but sophisticated referring back to a design trend 4 years ago. Due to the brands' playfulness, I kept the design a bit more playful with some colors that related back to their branding.


Also below you find the latest newly designed magazine designs that have been amended towards a new visual language. The brand developed year after year becoming more contemporary and less playful.

Work has been produced under the license of © 2017 Elephant Digital Advertising LLC


MARKETING MATERIALS: Corporate Profile Book, Newsletter Magazine


Corporate Profile & Magazine Designs

Al Marjan Island - Editorial Design

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