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Founded in 2012, EOS Recruitment was formed as a regional firm with expertise specializing in headhunting services and staffing solutions. Our aim was to help find the perfect candidate and specialist to fit a company’s needs and requirements in the GCC and Middle East. In 2016, EOS was rebranded to form Dawaam (meaning “work” in Arabic). The name highlights the focus and dedication to find the best quality candidates to work with our clients. Regionally grown we aim to be the company to trust when it comes to recruitment.

The brand was designed to reflect the Arabic word for work but at the same time, since it is a recruitment company, it was important to create some sort of relationship between the logo and the company. The two a's was reflected to create an abstract representation of a binocular that is why it is highlighted in green to stand out from the rest of the logotype. This allowed for the perfect brand element that was used in its stationary and other marketing materials.


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