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Döner Shabab

The brand was developed to reflect the famous Döner Kebabs in Germany, however giving it an Arabic touch by calling it "Shabab" that stands for guys in English. The logo was designed to be modern and youth-oriented that is why the font was chosen and amended to fit both languages. The brand was specifically designed in 2015 for Saudi Arabia, where people appreciate novelty. The Arabic font was developed from the English allowing for the wordmark to fit together. To allow the brand to be very modern I created doodles that would be used in their visual language throughout the brand collaterals. Every design element was customized closely from the business cards to the packaging and digital visualizations such as the website. The brand also has a high-quality standard that follows the German Doner as close as possible in taste style.

Work has been produced under the license of © 2017 Elephant Digital Advertising LLC


BRANDING: Brand Mark | Bilingual Design

MARKETING MATERIALS: Stationary | Package Design | Web Design | Corporate Brochure | Restaurant Menu Design | Social Media

Branding & Marketing Collaterals

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