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Kairos Investment

If you’ve ever felt like it was the right time to do or say something and you can’t describe it or explain it, that was a moment of kairos. Whether it was a flash of clarity, an ethereal feeling, 
 or a sense of peace, that’s kairos. Kairos is a Greek word rooted in philosophy, myth, and rhetoric. It carries layers of meaning that is difficult to capture with words. It is often translated as “opportunity,” “the right time to act,” or “a divine appointment.” In philosophy, kairos relates to time. It can refer to a period of time or a season where great things will be accomplished. It can also indicate an expectation of a significant event occurring. The brand was created based on above meaning creating the right moment for one to invest. Kairos Investment is a holding company in Dubai that helps in creating opportunities for investors to invest in. The client wanted a simple wordmark reflecting its sophisticated look and feel, yet allowing for it to be minimal in its design approach. 


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BRANDING: Identity Design | Stationary |  Location Map Design

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