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Miella - Branding

They say less is more. Call us crazy, but we think that this old adage doesn’t apply to the way we dress. We believe that women can be modest and fashionable at the same time. But this combination isn’t always easy to pull off.

Miella (mee-yella) was born from our desire to positively contribute to improving the quality of life of women around the world. We believe that finding clothes that reflect your own set of values should not be a chore. You should not have to buy from 5 different stores to put together a single look. From the Design of design element to the web design, the brand was designed to stand fashionable within the Middles East market, it was important to design the look & feel of the brand to be modern with its main accent color yellow, across all design applications.


Work has been produced under the license of © 2017 Elephant Digital Advertising LLC


MARKETING MATERIALS:  Brand Elements | Bags | Business Cards | E-commerce Design | Mobile Site

Branding & Applications

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